The Zürich Youth Masters stands for a high level of ethical practice and sustainability. As the Zürich Youth Masters is an event for the stars of tomorrow, the organization committee wants to take responsibility and help shaping the mindset of the young riders, where horsemanship needs to play a key role. With this in mind, we want to embark on a continuous improvement process within the framework of all four sustainability aspects. We work on measures in the areas of social, economic, ecological, and cultural sustainability.

Horse Welfare Award

“Creating a partnership. This is what I do. I’ve never put all my focus on winning. Being a horseman is what I desire the most.” Is a quote from Jeroen Dubbeldam, former World Champion (2014) and European Champion (2015). This is the mindset we seek to pass onto the next generation of horse riders. Therefore, we initiated 2023 the “Horse Welfare Award” for our event. FEI stewards carry out independent assessments of the participants according to a predetermined uniform assessment grid. The award will be presented to the rider and groom at a celebratory award ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

(Winner of the STT Horse Welfare Award 2023, Joana Schildknecht)


Under the motto “Horse and Rider, Trust – Teamwork – Passion” we organize changing activities around ethics in equestrian sport. This also includes an exchange between the active participants during the tournament with important stakeholders such as Swiss animal protection, representatives of the FEI and FNCH, international Team Chefs, etc.